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About Us


At Fixtech LLC, we specialize in crafting high-quality adhesive solutions that are both heat and UV resistant. Our product range includes adhesive sealants, finishing sealants, and structural adhesives.



First non-yellowing white sealant for Australian boat builders.

  • There was a problem and boat builders using traditional PU adhesive sealants were experiencing the white sealant turning yellow. A boat builder told me this whilst I was buying a boat in Thailand, it all started back in 1998. He said it was a big problem and nothing was being done about it.
  • 1998 with an excellent polymer chemist by my side the 1st trials of this MS Polyurethane were finally create, Part number MSP15.03
  • 1999 trials in Thailand were in full swing and the results experienced by the boat builders was excellent.
  • September 2000 back in Australia
  • Fixtech Pty Ltd was registered in Brisbane 2nd April 2001,
  • Late 2001 launched MS Polyurethane into the local Queensland boat building market with excellent non-yellowing white performance.
  • 2002 some issues with UV performance crept in and a change was needed, to remove Polyurethane from our products where possible.
  • 2003 changes the base removing the PU and replacing it with Polymer.
  • Lots of testing in labs for accelerated UV and weather testing and Onsite on a pontoon in Gold Coast with actual sea affected UV testing.
  • New formulation performed very well and Fixtech MSP15 under the Fixtech label was launched, including MSP190, MSP25, MSP30, MSP100 etc.
  • We had found the best Solution to every boat builder:
    • A white sealant that did not change to yellow in the sun.
    • A white sealant that did not break down in the Australian UV
    • A white sealant that would primer less bond to nearly every substrate without the need for expensive primers.
    • Saving customers money and giving them a series of solutions to old problems in one package.
  • 2007 Certification and more testing for internationally certification was chosen on Fix190 achieving DNV Certification for Direct Bonding of Glass Windows in High-Speed Boats, Potable Water Certification, Window Glazing testing under pressure performed by Windows West in WA to 7m head pressure (no failure), outperforming our opposition, and in Horizon Yachts composite facility to 5m head pressure (no failure).
  • Fixtech was on its way with a designed range of Inspiring Adhesive Sealants and later Epoxies, tools, protective coatings, and many more specific products coming.
  • Fixtech supplying products for the marine industry, the Recreational Vehicles Industry, V8 race cars, specialised building applications, tunnel projects, underwater projects and supplying performance bonding and sealing solutions to every Continent.


  • No Matter how good we think we might be, we need to get the message out that we have the solution they are looking for:
    • Late 2007 hiring our 1st General Manager in Queensland, he is from the marine Industry and a user of Fixtech products. To him they did everything they were supposed to do, and he wanted in. He allowed me the opportunity to deliver Fixtech’s message:
  • “Fixtech Marine Solutions” we are here, and we are coming to you.
    • He allowed me to leave Australia in safe hands and open:
      • 2007 Malaysia Logistics Hub
      • 2008 Fixtech International in Taiwan,
      • 2010 Fixtech International in China,
      • 2011 Synthetic marine deck fabrication facility China
      • 2016 Synthetic marine deck fabrication facility Taiwan
      • 2017 Fixtech LLC in USA (Temporarily closed due to 2.5 years of Covid lockdown)
      • 2019 Fixtech Pty Ltd Branch office in Italy. (Temporarily closed due to 2.5 years of Covid lockdown)
    • Our business growth has been exceptional servicing the build, maintenance, and aftermarket industries for:
      • Marine
      • Recreational Vehicles
      • Electric Vehicles
      • Home buildings
      • Specialist Construction, Foundation works, and Tunnel works.


  • Each office in each Country is in direct contact with our customers, we support our customers not only just for stock supply, we also, support them when they need installation guidance assistance, technical support, including problem solving. Fixtech teams in each country are happy servicing our customers and supplying Fixtech products globally.


  • Fixtech teams strive to add-value to our Adhesive Sealant products ensuring the most professional experience solution possible to all our customers.
  • At Fixtech we have Inspired the Adhesive Sealant Market since 2001.
Fixtech product range