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Fix2120 product 20Lt


Flex & Fix: Bond Any Surface with Ease Using Fix2120 Epoxy Gel




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Fix2120 Surface Bonding Flexible Teak Coloured Epoxy Gel is a two pack 1:1 mix ratio medium viscosity, solvent free, urethane modified epoxy adhesive used for structural bonding adhesion for full face surfaces that are likely to twist or flex in their life time of service.

Fix2120 Surface Bonding Flexible Epoxy Gel is idea for bonding and not limited to the following substrates; wood including teak, plywood,
hardwoods, softwoods and manufactured woods, stone, carbon fiber, resin and epoxy cured fiberglass composite, carbon steel, stainless steel, loose fiberglass, glass, foam core, styrene, natural rubber, stones, marble, granite and many other substrates.

Fix2120 Surface Bonding Flexible Epoxy Gel is not Dangerous Goods and does not contain any solvents or isocyanates. Fix2120 series Surface Bonding Flexible Epoxy Gel will resist fatigue separation due to its special design.


  • Easy to mix 1:1 mix ratio by weight and
  • Low exothermal reaction
  • Cannot transfer electrical current
  • Low VOC emissions
  • Permanent bond
  • Easy to apply as a medium modulus Gel
  • Flexibility gives it excellent fatigue resistance

Suitable For:

  • Teak Deck Bedding
  • Composite Structural Bonding
  • Below Waterline Screw-In Fittings & Fixtured Bonding & Sealing
  • Steel Bonding
  • Wood Bonding (hardwood, softwood, plywood etc.)
  • Fiberglass Including Carbon Fiber
  • Stone, Marble, Glass & Ceramic Tile Bonding
  • Paintable