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Fix8 Structural Silicone 600ml


High quality architectural grade single component silicone sealant




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Fix8 Structural Silicone is a high quality professional silicone for use in marine, transport manufacturing, construction including architectural façade structural applications. Available in white, black, grey with anti-mold inhibitors.

Fix8 is a single component high modulus high strength structural silicone that exhibits excellent physical properties in both internal and external applications and displays excellent weather-ability and UV resistance.

Fix8 is suitable for glazing applications, bonding fiberglass, aluminum, stainless steel, timber, PVC, vinyl, rubber and many substrates without a primer, ideal where the use of silicone-based sealant is acceptable. Fix8 cures to a high performing colourfast flexible rubber sealant.

  • Structural for bonding marine of most substrates
  • Suitable for marine exposure
  • Above waterline bonding including synthetic decking
  • Can be used for under waterline screw fitting seals
  • Medium modulus stays flexible
  • Weatherproof and U.V. Resistant
  • Cannot be stained or painted over

Suitable For:

  • Direct Glazing Bonding & Sealing
  • Framed Glass Bonding & Sealing
  • Composite Structural Bonding
  • Stainless Steel & Aluminum Bonding
  • Wood Bonding (hardwood, softwood, plywood etc.)
  • PC & Acrylic Windows Bonding & Sealing
  • Stone, Marble, Glass & Ceramic Tile Bonding
  • Marine Deck Fittings
  • UV Resistant
  • Non Yellowing White
  • Synthetic Deck External Coves
  • Composite Finishing & Sealing
  • Above Waterline Bonding & Sealing
  • Below Waterline Screw-In Fittings & Fixtured Bonding & Sealing
  • Steel Bonding
  • Fiberglass Including Carbon Fiber
  • Non-Paintable