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FixClear 290ml


High quality single-component flexible 100% Clear extra strong joint sealant




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MSPCLEAR- high quality single-component flexible 100% Clear extra strong adhesive joint sealant.

MSPCLEAR is suitable for above and below waterline applications. Based on MS-Polymer®, chemically neutral and fully elastic. Suitable for use in low movement joints in Marine, Automotive, Aerospace and Construction applications where a tough flexible clear adhesive sealant is required.

  • High bond strength on most substrates.
  • Excellent adhesion on porous and non-porous substrates.
  • Flexible elastic rubber movement accomodation up to 20%.
  • No bubble formulation within the sealant.
  • Easy to tool and finish. Fixtech does not recommend the use of chemicals or solvents during the process of tooling. Please refer to theTDS for information.
  • Non staining of porous materials such as natural stone, granite, marble and fibreglass.
  • Can be painted (Compatibility tests recommended)
  • Minimal health and safety risks to the user.

Suitable For:

  • Composite Finishing & Sealing
  • Above Waterline Bonding & Sealing
  • Stainless Steel & Aluminum Bonding
  • Steel Bonding
  • Wood Bonding (hardwood, softwood, plywood etc.)
  • Fiberglass Including Carbon Fiber
  • Stone, Marble, Glass & Ceramic Tile Bonding
  • Paintable