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U-Kote - Protectant, Polish and Waterless Wash 500ml


Protectant, Polish and Waterless Wash




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U-Kote is a Protectant, Polish & Waterless Wash that is easy to apply. It’s supplied as a concentrate in a handy measurement bottle so you can choose your application and mix ratio. Makes up to 7.6 litres @ 15:1 ratio.

U-KOTE is a Mineral oil and water-based waterless wash and release agent with encapsulating technology. U-Kote enables a smooth high gloss finish that protects vehicles, boats and RV’s, from bugs, mud, asphalt, salt, pollution and corrosion. U-Kote is 100% biodegradable

U-Kote when mixed at 15:1 ratio is an excellent choice to protect, polish your boat, vehicle or equipment. In addition to protecting your asset from road grime, asphalt, mud and salt, U-Kote can be buffed to a high shine or simply misted onto the front of the vehicle, equipment or boat to help prevent bugs, salt or road debris from sticking.

U-Kote Waterless Wash Application— When mixed at 11:1 ratio U-Kote can also be used as a waterless wash on moderately dirty vehicles without the use of water. Please follow the detailed application instructions supplied with the product.